Photography Classes

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When I bought my first digital camera and started reading the user guide I jokingly said “the owner’s manual for the space shuttle is only two more pages” (dating myself I know)

Digital photography, the equipment and techniques, and image processing can be daunting. Learning the basics of photography and how to apply them to your environments and goals is fun and quickly rewarding.

I offer individual and small group classes focusing on landscape photography that are tailored to your goals.

Class Highlights:

  • Locations: Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island

  • Times: based on your goals, primarily sunrise and sunset

  • Length: based on your goals, typically 4 hours

  • Size: 1 - 4 students

  • Topics Covered: based on you goals, exposure and composition, camera settings, use of filters, post-processing using Adobe Lightroom Classic

Class Costs:

  • Individual or group classes (up to 4 students): $200 per hour per person

Please contact me to discuss your goals and tailor an education package